Tools of the Trade

Whoever said that tools are for boys, didn't know me!
I've been using this new Doming Block & Punch Set to form metal. I plan to create some really fun jewelry pieces and garden art. 
Working with metal is a great change of pace for me. Sometimes I tend to get wrapped up in the softer side of nature {moss, leaf fronds and flowers}. Metal is also part of nature and being able to form something sharp and hard into something smooth and elegant is quite satisfying.
I'm used to working with a woodburning iron, so a soldering iron should be easy right? Well...sort of. I'm great with the iron. It's the molten lava flowing all over that takes a little finesse! All in all it's a good skill to hone. I've found it coming in handy for minor fixes around the homestead! 
Tools are also a great way to keep my husband involved in the creative process. He tends to run in the opposite direction when I break out the tiny seed beads and thread!
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