Rustic Roots Rabbitry

Raising rabbits has changed my life! 
It is hard work, time consuming and a bit messy. Learning the do's and don'ts, proper diet, best cage design and barn layout involved some trial and errors.
Being a farmer requires a great amount of responsibility, perseverance, frugality and creativeness to be successful.
However, the rewards far outweigh the hardships! It is impossible for me to be in a bad mood when there are happy, fluffy bunnies just clamoring for treats, pets and playtime.
Witnessing and being so closely a part of Nature's life cycle is humbling. It inspires my art and confirms my existence. I used to be a couch potato who was content with a book, a blanket and my imagination. Now I'm actually living my dreams! I spend at least 3 to 4 hours a day outside with farm chores alone. I also "worm farm" compost the bunny poo and turn it into amazing soil for our many gardens. This in turn produces a lot of the leafy greens and vegetables that feed the rabbits and us. Our property has turned into a homestead with more projects than hours in a day, but I wouldn't change it for the world! Soon we'll be adding goats, chickens and ducks. Hey why not?! Vacations are already a thing of the past. Might as well add more animals to learn from and grow with while we're at it!

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